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Kids rock! There's no question about it. They are simply much cooler than you and me. This playlist is for those of us just trying to keep up with these mod toddlers and hip preschoolers. It's about promoting children's books, music, and other media that rock just as much as our kids do. Check out something cool for your cool kid.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Elizabeth Mitchell

Ida has long been a favorite band of mine. In fact, Ida probably qualifies as "music for parents that kids will like too." When Elizabeth Mitchell became a mom (with Ida bandmate/husband Dan Littleton) they began to record some lovely records for children: You Are My Flower, You Are My Sunshine, You Are My Little Bird. There are many classic songs on these records that your child will recognize instantly. And better still, there are some inspired covers like "What Goes On" by the Velvet Underground! I can't recommend these records enough. They are filled with warm, acoustic arrangements and lovely harmonies. Elizabeth also recorded an album of children's music with Lisa Loeb called Catch the Moon.

Buy these albums:

You Are My Little Bird

You Are My Sunshine

You Are My Flower

Catch The Moon