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Kids rock! There's no question about it. They are simply much cooler than you and me. This playlist is for those of us just trying to keep up with these mod toddlers and hip preschoolers. It's about promoting children's books, music, and other media that rock just as much as our kids do. Check out something cool for your cool kid.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Foot (featuring Thurston Moore, Don Fleming, Jim Dunbar)

This was a weird and amazing rock show that I just had to post about. FOOT performed some crazy psychedelic noise jams for the tots at the Windsor Terrace Library Toy Sale Saturday, Nov 22nd.

FOOT is Thurston Moore on guitar and effects, Don Fleming on guitar and synth, and Jim Dunbar on synth and electronics. Children read excerpts from picture books over the squall and eventually joined in bashing away on the instruments. Here's some photos and a little sample of the sounds created that day.  My son JoJo is the one in the white shirt.