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Kids rock! There's no question about it. They are simply much cooler than you and me. This playlist is for those of us just trying to keep up with these mod toddlers and hip preschoolers. It's about promoting children's books, music, and other media that rock just as much as our kids do. Check out something cool for your cool kid.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Chris Raschka

Experts agree:  you should read to your child for twenty minutes every day.  Less commonly understood is the importance of scatting with your child.  How else are they going to develop any rhythm, people?  Allow me to suggest two fine resources in this area:  Chris Raschka's Yo! Yes? and Charlie Parker Played Be Bop.  Raschka is a special talent with jazzy brushwork that perfectly complements the snapping rhythms of his text.  Each story sounds amazing to hear out loud (regardless of your own scatting skills).  The funky sounds never fail to delight the little ones who can't help but join in the fun with some funky sounds of their own.  

But beyond the rewarding musicality of the text and the art, there are some important life lessons to be gained as well.  Despite its simple text, Yo! Yes? is actually one of the most profound books on friendship you'll likely find for your child.  And Charlie Parker offers an effective primer on how to be super, super COOL.  

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