A playlist of cool things for cool kids!

Kids rock! There's no question about it. They are simply much cooler than you and me. This playlist is for those of us just trying to keep up with these mod toddlers and hip preschoolers. It's about promoting children's books, music, and other media that rock just as much as our kids do. Check out something cool for your cool kid.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Andrew Bird on Jack's Big Music Show

Andrew Bird performs a little music and magic with the puppets in this clip from Jack's Big Music Show.   

Andrew has a great new record out. File this one under: "music for parents that kids will like too." Noble Beast has lots of whistling and looping violins. And it will do wonders for your child's vocabulary. Nomenclature! As a chorus!

Also, you should check out the earlier records if you haven't already. Armchair Apocrypha and The Mysterious Production of Eggs are both shiny gems and good places to start.